ASR Cryptotechnology

ASR Cryptotechnology is a technology startup based in Prague, Czech Republic aiming to solve critical issues faced by many businesses related to dealing with trust, identity information, client onboarding, building and maintaining a healthy user community, while providing users with incentives to stay proactive.

Our Focus

Blockchain has evolved. Proof of work will be phased out. Best security and user experience for supporting the network via staking or becoming a validator is already at the final stages for release. Unparallel to potential competition, the platform will allow supporters without deep computer knowledge to participate in key governance processes, earn real rewards in gas and tokens and participate in voting.

We provide a complete stack of solution covering the key needs for enterprises adopting blockchain:

User on-boarding and credentials

Identity management and KYC

Access recovery and cyber-resilience

User-friendly interfaces and seamless experience


Digital asset issuance and swaps

Economic model favoring active public engagement

B2B and B2C solutions

ASR Cryptotechnology provides both B2B and B2C solutions based on modern cryptography, including FIPS 140-2 standard based hardware-enable solutions.

Our team has an extensive experience in building cutting-edge network protocols and robust mobile applications.